With more than 50% of all employees reporting about a stressful daily work-life, stress accounts to the number one health threat to employees in Western Europe. In order to alleviate stress in organizations, 7Mind offers a mindfulness app (for Android and iOS). This allows people and organizations alike to benefit from scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness.

bridge is a creative communication consultancy that understands to relay abstract and complex content. bridge does not only reach audiences but enthuses them.


Assessing Academic Achievement.

CoachHub supports companies worldwide by implementing coaching as strategic people development in a scalable way, while offering it to every employee flexibly and regardless of location. We offer a digital business coaching platform and a coaching app with an AI-supported coach-matching algorithm.

The Culturizer stands for highly innovative, digital tools to measure and develop corporate culture.

The main issue of conducting insightful analyses of big datasets is the lack of resources.. We automate the process of gaining precise information from complex data within a short period of time. Our algorithms analyse datasets of open texts within hours and provide organizations with new, far more advanced possibilities of gaining information out of e.g. surveys (employees, customers, etc.).

gradar is a fresh approach to Human Capital Management. With an innovative, intuitive and affordable software, we provide businesses across the world with job evaluation, competency management and compensation analysis. 



We offer a technological tool that makes it easy and effective to measure the well-being and levels of stress in your organization We believe in continuously evaluating the work environment with simple and insightful questions. This allows you to quickly find negative trends among the organization, in order to handle the issues before it is too late

HOW.FM is the multilingual digital trainer for onboarding and performance support of new workers, trainees or temporary workers. When high fluctuation or seasonality is a topic to your company, can be a great support for your managers. All step-by-step instructions work on different devices, such as smartphones or smart glasses. Thanks to the interactive voice control, can be used hands-free. The instructions will automatically be translated into all languages and allow immediate use.

Jobilla is an applicant tracking software that turns the recruitment process upside down. Jobilla activates passive candidates and makes it easy for You to communicate with them. Partly also automated.

JobNinja is the performance-based multiposting tool for job ads in Germany! We run a pay-per-application model - our clients only pay for job applications, not for job ads!

Leapsome helps teams grow and succeed by enabling people. Leapsome’s intelligent People Enablement Suite combines all strategic feedback, performance and development tools: OKR tracking & 1:1 meeting management, 360° feedback & performance appraisals, continuous feedback, pulse employee surveys and personalized learning. The platform is integrated with Gmail, Slack and HR systems. Tech companies such as FlixBus or Trivago, and enterprise customers such as Mercedes Benz or CTS Eventim use Leapsome.

Lytt is changing the market of employee assistance by providing the most safe, trustworthy and convenient way to communicate sensitive topics at work. As a digital assistant, Lytt helps companies to improve their work culture and sustainably promote the satisfaction and health of their employees.

We are a marketplace for high skilled digital independent consultants. Our clients are top corporates in process of digital transformation. Our largest markets are Germany, UK, Middle East and Africa. 

persomatch provides a tool to make employee recruitment much easier. From start-up companies to global corporations, persomatch can easily be used to place job advertisements for every industry and position directly on the Google search page – exactly where potential applicants are searching. By using local or national search options, persomatch ensures a detailed target group approach that brings applicants and companies together.

At Personio, we have decided to battle paperwork and never ending, complicated Excel charts. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal to foster the digitization of human resources departments in small and medium-sized enterprises. With our single software for all HR processes we enable HR managers to focus more on truly valuable HR management. We are striving to be an active part of the HR management future and shape our product to the needs of modern companies.

The first and most comprehensive digital solution for tax-free benefits. Employers only have to choose benefits and budget. Salfy does the rest for you. 100 % audit safe and regulatory compliant. The easiest way for employee motivation and best supplement for gross salary.


Easy tool to perform automated video-interview and online pre-screening tests. Select the best candidate using the technologies of the leading providers.

sklls supports companies in developing and retaining young talents individually at an early stage: business coaching - 100% digital.

Unipos allows your employees to highlight their contributions publicly, from outstanding achievements to unrecognized accomplishments.

Exceptional easy job application for candidates and great support for recruiters through fully automated creation of candidate profiles for sharing externally as an employment agency or internally as a big company. That is verlingo's TALENTSCOUT based on AI. 

whyapply is an innovative approach on how to attract talent with real content instead of standardized job postings.

WisR is an online recruiting-platfrom where companies can find retired people for project-based, part-time and seasonal jobs.


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